Marketing Tips

The cost of expensive tools and resources online contributes to the high increase in small business cost and budget during marketing and business promotions.

Luckily, despite the high cost of a lot of big name software solutions, there are many FREE alternatives out there that small businesses can use to get the marketing job done effectively. Marketing is the backbone of all businesses and without a feasible marketing plan/strategy business cannot stand just like the human body.

Below are the marketing tips/tools for your online business:

1. Search Your Backlink History

Although Moz’s best SEO features do require a monthly fee to access, its free Open Site Explorer provides basic but important insights on your website’s inbound link profile. This is particularly important if your site has spammy backlinks, which can be disavowed through Google to develop a natural and authoritative linking history.

2. Google Keyword Planner

Researching and learning basic SEO skills for website optimisation can transform a small business’s fortunes. Smart SEO can ensure your website adheres to Google’s quality guidelines and shows up higher in search results.

3. Simplified CRM

With this customer relationship management (CRM) software solution for Gmail, it’s possible to run your business from your email inbox. Streak is made for people who aren’t tech savvy, and you won’t need an engineer to set it up.

This cloud-based solution is designed, as the company says, to help you “close more deals, resolve more support tickets, and Get Things Done.”

4.Project Management Tools

With effective management of projects, a small business can flourish. The good news is that many normally expensive software solutions offer free versions.

Wrike, for instance, offers a free version of its software that is ideal for marketing, creative, project management, and product development teams.

5. Content Marketing Guidance

Small businesses developing content strategies will find Answer the Public offers the chance to establish search queries, topics, and questions their target audiences are using.

Based on the results you receive, you can develop content (blog posts, landing pages, etc.) around the questions being asked. This allows your business to proactively respond to what an audience wants, whilst providing the chance to rank in Google’s SERPs for popular search terms.

6. Copyright-Free Images

Sourcing images for websites and blog posts remains a challenge for many small businesses. Professional stock image services can be expensive, but using random images pulled off the web can result in copyright infringement and legal issues.

The solution is to look for copyright-free resources. Pixabay can help you make your written content more visually engaging by providing a free resource for photos, illustrations, and even videos.

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